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As usual, I’ve got a list of things to do at least two miles long, not nearly enough time or energy to get it even halfway accomplished and I received the following from a friend. Spread the word and help him out, please.

I finally got around to starting a book project I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. Why am I telling you this? Because I would like your help. The book is called The Search for the Perfect Martini.

I’m sending this email to folks all over the world to find out just what constitutes a “Perfect Martini” to different people. The term “Perfect Martini” would be a metaphor for “What do you really want?” This is a tough question that most people never give a second thought to, but really should.

Here is what I am asking for. I would like for you to write me back at or with as few or as many sentences as you want, describing your “Perfect Martini.” This could be anything. One of the responses I’ve already gotten is “A boat, alone, beer and fish”. That was a bit brief, but that is what this person wanted to say! I intend to put these together in a book similar to the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. One other thing, I will NOT use your name unless you give me specific permission to do so. I will use your location, such as Greensboro, NC.

I’m hoping to get thousands of responses and would appreciate you sending this to as many people as you can. The only way this project can really work is to get a very diverse, worldwide response. Any input you can provide is appreciated!!

Kendall S. Mann
Greensboro ATCT

Two years ago, my instinctive response to him would have been “self-cleaning highchairs and 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep.”

Now that I’m thinking about it, that’ll probably go in my submission to him as a foreword. Wink While I’ve been reflecting of how best to answer his question (in between the getting the items on my list of things to do done), it’s driven home to me how much of my life revolves doing for others and not myself. So much so that it’s not as easy a question for me to answer as it would’ve been 10-15 years ago.

Our lives are like shifting sand and circumstances shift our priorities regularly, but we need to keep sight of the achievements that have the most meaning to us. So I’m going to ignore my list for awhile today and think about what I’d like most for myself while I play and color with the twins. Because I know that one of my triumphs for myself will be knowing that my children have memories of their mom that center around “she always made time for us, no matter how busy she was.”

My point is, regardless of whether you help him out or not (and I hope you do), take the time to remember yourself and what your end goals are, not only for those you love, but yourself. You deserve it.


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