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Hello and welcome to our family's website!!
It's a hodgepodge, but it suits us....
February 5, 2008
Why a website?  Well, one of my long-term goals has been to start a genealogy website for our families.  I've wanted to put the old photos and dusty old documents online to share with others in the hopes that it helps someone else with their research.  Unless you're a genealogy enthusiast, too, you probably won't understand that particular urge.  Also, I want to eventually end up with a passworded area for the family around the country to use to let everyone leave messages and chat.  My timeframe for said goals?  In the future...sometime between cleaning out the basement and my own death all the while fitting in writing the great American novel as well. 

The site is in its early stages and with our schedules may stay that way for a long time; I don't get enough sleep as it is.  It's shaping up to be pretty eclectic with our individual and collective interests:  genealogy, heavy equipment, aviation, air traffic control, and all-around obnoxious bragging about our kids.

So for John's buddies visiting from HEF or elsewhere, you want to click on Digger link (and maybe last).  LOL!

My buddies from NATCA, you want to click on the Aviation and ATC link (and maybe last as well).  LOL!

Family and other friends, check out Our Online Brag Book.

Genealogy enthusiasts, click on Genealogy Main and I sincerely hope you find something to help you with your own research. 

Everyone else, peruse at your own risk...of potential boredom!

Hope you enjoy.  If not, the great thing about the internet is you don't have to visit the same place twice if you don't want to!


February 18, 2009

It's been over a year since we started the site and I'm finding bits of time to revamp it some.  I've added our own "genealogical database" and pages.  Look for an update on that information in the next month or so.  I'll upload to Rootsweb at the same time.  I should have some more gravestones and obituaries to add to our site as well.

The Eclectic Bulletin Board wasn't getting used, so it's now off the navigation bar.  And our blog Random Thoughts, surprisingly enough, is getting used, so we'll keep that.

I haven't had a chance to update the Online Brag Book in awhile; it's coming, but I want to get the genealogy stuff online first.

Thanks for visiting!


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