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Now that I’ve got some of the software upgrades completed and back to the normal craziness here (John returned from a trip Boston on Sunday morning and I just walked in the door a few hours ago from a class in Cleveland), let me get back to last…well, last last weekend. John had asked me months ago about going to the Historical Construction Equipment Association’s (HCEA) show since it was one of the last weekend days I’d have off for the remainder of the summer. I said sure, why not?

So off we went on the Saturday of the event. Now for me, it was interesting to see the old equipment moving dirt with their pulleys instead of hydraulics. A couple hours worth of interesting. For John, his face lit up like a kid in a candy store and he had to restrain himself from begging the various operators to let him run the machines. He could’ve slept out there between the old earthmovers and started all over again on Sunday. Actually, if we’d let him, he’d have probably gone home with one of them.

The kids enjoyed playing in some of the areas set up for their enjoyment and Mommy taught them to listen for the “music” of the machines to keep them entertained while Daddy was off gawking and grinning. Food was reasonably priced. And there was literally dirt in the air. I guess I was expecting more of a static display. If I had known they’d have demonstrations, I would’ve worn my ratty sneakers.

I suggested to John that he write his first blog about the day, but it obviously hasn’t happened yet. Maybe he’ll wax enthusiastic in the comments section instead. LOL! If you’re interested, pics of the day can be found here on our site.

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