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Looks like the legislation, S1300, is stalled again. Geez! Anyway, if you haven’t signed up for the grassroots system for NATCA, please do so and at your command, it’ll send faxes to your senators politely asking them to knock it off and get the bill moving.

You don’t need to be an air traffic controller to use the system, just a concerned citizen who believes we need the FAA Reauthorization Bill to not only fund the Agency and provide for modernization, but to correct the many wrongs the FAA has committed in the last few years against its employees and by extension, the flying public. The Agency’s actions have increased safety problems, not reduced them and with the aviation industry employing 9 million people as well as providing 600 billion dollars in revenue, we can’t afford to let it continue. The legislation, HR2881, is a much better version, but both pieces of legislation need to get to conference for a final bill to get passed.

It’s easy, free, takes only a couple minutes and it gives you a chance to use your voice to be heard. Please help out; the National Airspace System needs it.

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