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Now that the twins are reading a bit, I guess the Easter Bunny has decided to make them work a little for their baskets. We woke this morning to find this note on the television.

B & A,

I was here, but now I’m on my way,

You know I left baskets for you to stay.

Look for them, up and down,

Near and far, and all around.

Help Mommy and Daddy find their baskets, too.

Ask the question, “Baskets, where are you?”


The Easter Bunny

After looking behind curtains, in cabinets and closets, and cleaning up some regurgitated orange juice (poor B’s been sick this week with an intestinal bug and our little A may have caught it, too – or maybe it was just the excitement of the morning), we found them all and Mommy’s glad there wasn’t a lot of candy in the baskets!

Later today is an Easter Egg hunt at their aunt’s home. I hope I can leave work early to enjoy it with the kids.

Fun, fun, fun…

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