It’s that time again for the National Air Traffic Controllers Association elections.   If there’s someone you wish to nominate for President, Executive Vice President or your respective Regional Vice President, do it today.  The nomination period ends on Wednesday.  The election rules can be found here.

Paul Cox has started a website in an effort to have a central clearinghouse, so to speak, to make it easier for people to find information on each of the candidates.  Hopefully, all the candidates will participate.

I’ve personally been disappointed by the low participation on Rick Foster’s NATCA Elections Forum.  If you’re a NATCA member, please sign up and ask the questions you’d like the prospective candidates to answer.  It’s not only your right, but also your responsibility as a dues-paying member to make an informed decision as to which individuals will lead our union for the next three years.  This is important, especially for those who have been hired in the last three years – you’re the new foundation of the union for the next 20 years or so and you should be trying to find a candidate who will fashion that bedrock in a manner that will benefit the collective you in the long-term.  If you’re a candidate, sign up and answer those questions for all to see.

I don’t endorse candidates because I believe every individual should take the time to get informed about the issues and choose a candidate that most meets their own criteria.  I’m not voting for someone just because I recognize the names of the endorsers and/or know a couple of them personally, nor would I expect someone to cast their vote in favor of my “chosen” candidate(s), just because my name is there.

When making my decision, I also try to look at the total makeup of the National Executive Board.  I factor in the experience of all, hoping that the mix isn’t too weighted toward one skills set or another (mostly legislative, mostly LR, etc.)  In my opinion, if you don’t make an informed choice, or don’t vote at all, you shouldn’t spend this next term complaining about the outcome.  That’s my two cents on the subject.  :-)

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