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This past weekend John and I attended his 35th (shhhh!) high school reunion.  From a female point of view, the majority of men in his graduating class (an all-male high school) are aging particularly well…or at the very least, they clean up nicely.  LOL!  Pretty impressive stats, too.  A number of varied and interesting accomplishments and careers came out of that class, running the gamut from working at the United Nations, running the London Underground, airline pilot, pointing brick, manufacturing medical supplies, teachers and a whole host of others I didn’t even get a chance to discover.

Of course, everyone asked how things have been and John’s answer was that everything important is going extremely well and everything that is going well isn’t important.  I was pleased to find out that my husband was a pretty good judge of character way back when; those closest to him in high school are still fun, interesting, witty and personable individuals…and they married women who are just as fun, interesting, witty and personable.  We had a great time, even though we didn’t win the raffle for the football signed by Ben Roethlisberger.

You see, the reunion was held at Heinz Field.  Oh, didn’t I mention one of the graduates works in some capacity there?  And it was also held on the night of Pittsburgh’s 250th Anniversary fireworks display.  I found this footage by an amateur and it in no way does the display justice!  Fireworks were set off from eight barges, 5 buildings and some bridges totaling 17 locations.  The reunion committee was able to arrange for us to watch the fireworks from the North Rotunda. There was so much going on and so much to see that it was almost too much to take in. It was incredible to watch. I’m not sure we actually were able to see all 17 locations even from our vantage point.  In my opinion, the multi-dimensional effects created by the various locations really showcased the talents of Zambelli Fireworks Internationale.

The reunion committee was not aware of the timing of the fireworks at the time they booked the accomodations at Heinz field, but as John said, they’ll have a hard time in the future topping this year’s event after the fireworks we saw.  As some of our regular readers are aware, we never got to see fireworks this year around the Fourth of July.  I’m only sorry the twins didn’t get to see these fireworks.

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…to write anything.  :-(   How ’bout I just tell you to check out Don Brown’s Clean Up On Aisle Eight from a couple days ago?  Hopefully, I’ll feel better soon and be able to put something new out.


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