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Pennsylvania Genealogy
Tim Gruber is spearheading an effort to get Pennsylvania death certificates over 50 years old online for genealogical research.  Please help him out.

Want to add your family website to our links? 


Check out the links to the left for our genealogical database.  The top one is our database on this site.  The second one is on Rootsweb.  Fair warning, it's a large file if you want to download the gedcom. 

Twenty-plus years ago when I first got seriously interested in genealogy, I failed to start from the present backwards...quite the opposite, in fact.  So, I have a lot of information on various Lumbard lines that don't necessarily connect (that I'm aware of).  Since I've already done all that work, I decided to change my initial goals and just gather as much as can on each of the lines.  Keeps me busy when I have those few spare moments nowadays!

Variant spellings (but certainly are not limited to) include Lombard, Lambert, Lambart, Lombert, Lomebard, Lumber and Lumbert.  Throughout this site, all spellings are treated as one - except Lambert.

I kept my maiden name when I married and have since added information on my husband's Martin/Sutton lines as well. 

Many, many thanks to Peggy Hartzell
for doing so much work on the Sutton line for our annual family reunions and giving me a great place to start!

Whenever possible (and time permitting), I've tried to include at least one generation for any female of the Lumbard line.

You might have read on our homepage that eventually I'd like to get a number of old documents and photos online.  If you have any to share, please do so!  When I can, I will also be putting links to pictures of gravestones that are online as well as uploading those I have myself.


A few logjams I'd LOVE to get some help with:

Martin line
- Family lore says that Henry Charles Martin, Sr, b. February 1878 in Buffalo, Erie County, NY was actually born Henry Charles Kimmerly (sp?).  He had issues with his father and left home at a young age and resided with a Martin family and subsequently took the Martin name.  ANY proof of this, his parentage or any information about him at all (or the Martin family in question) would be greatly appreciated!

Lumbard line
- I need to find documentation that Benjamin Lumbard, b. circa 1756 in Barnstable, Barnstable County, MA was actually the son of Capt. Benjamin Lumbart, b. December 4, 1726 in Barnstable, and Mary Davis.  I have not been able to find a record of his birth or something else (i.e. will) that would prove the connection.

- Looking for the marriage and death records for Thankful Bentley, the first wife of James M. Lumbard.  James was b. September 22, 1814 in Rutland County, VT and d. March 29, 1891 in Corvallis, Benton County, OR.  Thankful probably died circa 1843 in Michigan.

- Andrew Sutton, b. circa 1797 in Clare, Ireland, d. circa 1865 in Susquehanna, Cambria County, PA supposedly had five brothers.  I'm looking for information on his brothers and parents.

Genealogy information, questions, clarifications, etc. can come to me at   It may take me awhile to add/correct or get back to you, but I will eventually.

Happy researching!         

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