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For awhile now, people have been asking me if I’ve seen the series on TLC, Jon & Kate plus 8. For some reason, it makes people think of us. Now I’m not sure why anyone thinks I have time to watch television, or would have the energy to wrangle the remote control from the twins, but I recently was able to catch bits of some episodes during my breaks at work.

With the exception of the fact that the Gosselin family and our family each have a set of twins, I’m not sure where the resemblance is that makes people think of us. According to their bios, they would’ve been having their sextuplets right about the ages our twins are now. I cannot even begin to imagine adding 6 more babies into the chaos of our lives right now. I can’t even imagine have 4 more of the same age as ours our now added into the mix.

Although all parents need a sense of humor, it is absolutely necessary when you have multiples and it was there between Jon and Kate. Sad thing is, the first thing that caught my eye was how clean their kitchen and dining room was. I thought “Well, TLC must help them out before filming.” My mistake. I later caught a few minutes of the episode where Kate was interviewing maids and heard she gets on her hands and knees to scrub both floors 3 times a day! How on earth does she find the time or the energy!?! Trust me, I’m lucky if we can give the sticky floors a lick and a promise every three weeks…hands and knees scrubbing is probably closer to every 3 months.

I saw no crayon and ballpoint ink pictures on the walls and even the kids’ playroom was cleaner than our empty guest room. (Okay, I’m exaggerating there. Our guest room is locked off from our kids, so it stays fairly clean.) I saw no dirty laundry strewn about from kids getting into the hamper or laundry baskets, no toys or books to trip over, no sippy cups in the living room, nothing that looked familiar at all to me. And the plain truth is, even if we able to afford for me to stay home full-time, my home would never look that camera-ready unless we were planning to throw a big party.

Jon and Kate have guts. Not only with raising two sets of multiples, but to allow filming on a regular basis into their lives. I’m not sure I could handle all of America being able to tune in whenever they want to hear when I get frustrated and lose my cool. Hey, it happens. Like the 85th time our daughter decides it’s fun to shake salt over any flat surface she can find, or the twentieth time our son has used me as a jungle gym and gotten his elbow into some sensitive part of my body.

The past couple weeks we’ve been dealing with our daughter getting stung by hornets and having her eye swell almost shut, our son getting poison ivy in some interesting and painful areas and me with some stomach bug that is really making my stomach roil. I can’t imagine having a camera crew here during all of that and pretending to be remotely sane with the lack of sleep I was getting.

Kate made a comment during the first episode I saw, which was the reason I tuned in again when I had a chance. I’m paraphrasing a bit, but it was essentially, “Every day is painfully the same and vastly different.”

Maybe there’s more of a resemblance than I thought…

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Now that the twins are reading a bit, I guess the Easter Bunny has decided to make them work a little for their baskets. We woke this morning to find this note on the television.

B & A,

I was here, but now I’m on my way,

You know I left baskets for you to stay.

Look for them, up and down,

Near and far, and all around.

Help Mommy and Daddy find their baskets, too.

Ask the question, “Baskets, where are you?”


The Easter Bunny

After looking behind curtains, in cabinets and closets, and cleaning up some regurgitated orange juice (poor B’s been sick this week with an intestinal bug and our little A may have caught it, too – or maybe it was just the excitement of the morning), we found them all and Mommy’s glad there wasn’t a lot of candy in the baskets!

Later today is an Easter Egg hunt at their aunt’s home. I hope I can leave work early to enjoy it with the kids.

Fun, fun, fun…

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