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One of the nicest things about aviation and air traffic control is that it’s a relatively small community. You learn early who shares similar ideas on safety, who’ll fight for the safety of the system, and you are lucky enough to be surrounded by those who are committed to safety. One of those individuals is Don Brown, retired controller. Don’s written some great stuff over the years, for NATCA, for AvWeb, and now for himself on his own blog, Get the Flick. Don and I may not always agree (usually on terminal vs. center viewpoints on what constitutes safe), but he’s one fantastic stand-up-and-be-counted individual with a level head on his shoulders. Don’s recent blog “Woof!” let me know there’s another blog out there worth checking out – JurassicBark. Thanks, Don.

Don has had a few more than his usual well-worth-reading blogs lately; check out Air Traffic Safety vs. Capacity, So Reason-able, and Think Tank Thunk….in that order. His retirement has obviously given him some time to develop regular sleep habits (something a career in ATC is not famous for) that is clicking those synapses and churning out some exceptional thoughts. From a terminal controller’s stance, his logic applying the basics of “physics” on the runways is spot on.

BTW, Don, I agree with you wholeheartedly about the usage of strips in the ATC environment! I always have. Wink

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