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Vivian and John – What can be said about us – good, that is? Married, with twins…so we’re usually tired and busy and oh, so very lucky!

Vivian has been an air traffic controller since 1991. She spends her “free” time researching the family’s genealogy, volunteering for a genealogical association that is indexing old records, and trying to pretend that their home gets clean more than once in a blue moon!

John is an excavator with his own business. He’s working part-time now around Vivian’s schedule to stay home with the kids. His “free” time is spent moderating Heavy Equipment Forums and bringing home old rusty tools that if he just cleaned up might still be, in his opinion, usable. Vivian is still waiting to see if he’s correct.

Both spend the majority of their home-waking hours adoring their kids and hoping no one breaks a limb tripping on the kids’ toys…which have expanded now to include the contents of most of the kitchen drawers and cabinets and the DVDs.

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